The Tix Office


TIX People are housed in cubicles in a huge space in an office buidling near Broadway. Everything is grey.

We have recycled air due to the fact the operations manager had the windows sealed so that not one drop of real air can enter. Those who like to breathe, are horrified by this. It's stifling on the weekends because the building turns off the system.  Tho' we mention this, no attention is paid to our lack of air.  I have a little fan to blow around the carbon monoxide & possible germs from non covered coughs.  

Why seal windows shut?  Fear of being pushed, or that one of us might decide to end it all when that one caller asks the same question for the upteenth time?? 

Our calls are recorded and occasionaly listened to- to ensure that we do our tix selling perfectly.  We must mention everyhing in order and we have a script.  The Tix Boss Powers That Be- seem to forget that those who call, don't have our script and so we have to venture into their little scriptless worlds sometimes. If we are not precise, we will be spoken to. If we are spoken to more than a certain amount of occasions, (forget how many) we can be suspended or even fired. 

It's not fun.  In this Tix Ladys' opinion it should be fun. Theatre is fun,  It makes you think. It shows you worlds and people you might not ever know otherwise.  It makes you laugh. It makes you cry.  It makes you feel.  The Tix office seems to miss that point.  

Tix Powers that be seem to think $$ & what we have to say to get $, legally.  We must say how many levels, we must offer premium seats at double the price if theatre goeers don't like the regular seats offered which could be a bit lousy 'cause good ones are held back or close seats (vision, mobility) many not be readily available to those in need because we sell (and can't seem not to legally stop) brokers.  It is sad.  It is not fun. 

I think it'd be much more fun if when we say a show has explicit language to say the explcit language to the customer so they know the words ahead of time.  

Why explain levels in the theatre?  If you can't pronounce and have no clue what a mezzanine is (in a world with computers and dictionaries) then buy the tix and be surprised when you get there.

This would save the Tix peoples' breath not to have to explain since we have so little air anyway...and save Tix sellers lives.  

 Yes! His real name! šŸ˜³ 



 'And her name rhymes!' 


It'll be at a 'Shubert owned' theatre in New York but we're not sure which one yet. We're selling tix for soecific seat locations for a show that has no home yet! But the theatre going public is paying over $200. a seat! šŸ˜³ 


Fuzz in mouth 




Dec. 24, 2013
Tix Office

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10.07 | 05:56

It is a lovely sharing which I will pass through to my mates when I will be free from and hope they will like

22.05 | 21:39

Your note of 7/3/16 still gladdens me. Pinned next to my computer. Hope you are well.

08.01 | 10:03

Yep! Iā€™m a riot!

29.07 | 13:33

You brightened my day with your help on Ticketmaster and now with your blog. Two for two---thank you!!

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